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Tilt and Turn

Magnificently Modern

The latest and one of the most appealing type of windows available from Dalgan today, these look magnificently modern and allow as much or as little air into your home as you like! Tilt and turn windows have the advantages of side openings and bottom openings built into the one design, so you'll be spoiled for choice.

Great Performance and Excellent Insulation

Offering great performance and excellent thermal properties for when it gets a bit colder, they're very easy to clean, especially for homeowners living in apartments and multi storey buildings who don't want to have to pay extra to get specialists to clean their windows. If you just want to let a little air in, open them at the top, or if you'd prefer the full effect of their copious access, open them at the side to allow in as much fresh air as you like!

Easy to Use

They couldn't be easier to use, just turn the handle one way and they can open inwards at the top, turn it another way and the whole window swings wide open like a door.

They're also perfect for small balconies, opening inwards to give you the opportunity to take as much advantage of limited outdoor space as possible.

Decades of Experience

Available in a wide range of pleasant materials and colours to suit your home, we can customise your tilt and turn windows for maximum aesthetic appeal. Our expert team of qualified specialists have many years of experience in helping you find the window solution that's right for you, so why not take advantage of what we can offer?

If you've never heard of these remarkable innovations before and are living in the Galway, Mayo or West of Ireland regions, give us a call at Dalgan Windows and we'll be delighted to show you how they work, and give you a free quote for installation on your exciting new tilt and turn windows!


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Quickly done and with as little mess as possible, I was very pleased with the results from using Dalgan. They replaced our old windows and now we have new energy efficient ones which will save on the heating bills.

Susan McNulty