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Bay Windows

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows are what we call any window which extends out from the wall of the house, with a window in the middle and one on either side of it. The two side windows are angled anywhere from thirty to ninety degrees from the wall itself, and have a good wide windowsill that can be used for plants, a table surface, or even cushions for your pet to wait for you to come home! Imagine sitting in the afternoon sun with a good book and a cup of tea looking out your bay window - now that's enjoyment!


Bay windows look fantastic, and add a real feeling of elegance and discernment to any home, combining the beauty of modern design with the style of times gone by. Inside your home they allow a lot of light in, and really lend a room extra space. Their aesthetic qualities will also increase the value of your home, often far beyond the installation investment.

Sweeping Views

They give you sweeping views across the area outside your house, so you can enjoy your garden in all seasons from the comfort of your living room. Having two windows that can open also allows superior ventilation, letting a nice breeze in if you want it..

Bay windows can be put in anywhere, and vary in size from small to much larger. Whether in your kitchen, living room, dining room, or anywhere else in the house, their versatility is part of their function.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are very similar to bay windows, except they have more than three windows curving around. Bay windows became a hugely popular feature of residential Victorian architecture from about the 1870's and hold a continuous appeal up to this day.


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We'd heard that Dalgan were good but wow! You wouldn't know the place after they were done. The doors are replaced and the new conservatory gives us lots of space to watch telly and play with the kids. Good work.

Michael O'Gorman