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The Irish weather can leave a lot to be desired but that hasn't impacted on our desire to embrace the garden as an outdoor room. There are a huge range of options in conservatories and showrooms that can give you the feeling of being outside but with the warmth of a regular room. You can rest assured that Dalgan have the answer for you. We can install an external room onto your existing home. All you need to do is tend to the garden!

A conservatory or sunroom  should always enhance your home as much as possible, whether it be from the outside or from inside. That's why location and size of the conservatory or sunroom are very important. Our experienced Sales Team can assist you in making the right choice.
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to consider when starting your project.

A lot of people use the term sunroom and conservatory interchangeably thinking they're the same. Are they?
No. A sunroom is a solid structure, very much like an extension with a solid roof but with more windows. A conservatory on the other hand is almost entirely made out of glass with a glass or polycarbonate roof.

Which is more common in Ireland and why?
Sunrooms are more popular because unlike conservatories, they can be heated or cooled and can therefore be used all year. Another benefit sunrooms have is that they are multipurpose; they can provide extra space because the family has grown larger, as an office, a playroom for the kids or just as a room near the garden where the family can dine or watch T.V

You've explained why sunrooms have the edge but what would you say are the advantages of conservatories?
Not everybody wants or needs the benefits that come from sunrooms. Conservatories are great for people who want unparalleled outdoor views from inside and the feeling of being outside, while still being in from the cold. 

Is planning permission required?
Generally speaking, not as long as the structure is built to the rear of the house, not visible from the road and stays within 40 sq. metres.

What would you say are the biggest mistakes people make and should avoid?
Many people purchase a size that is too small for their needs. The industry norm is 12ftx12ft but that's measured externally. Inside it's only 10ftx10ft which is like taking 2 or 3 steps. You can't even get a couch inside! A better recommendation is to go at least 13ftx16ft or 14ftx18ft. The second problem is the style and shape. A popular style is the Victorian which has 5 sides like an old 50p. Placing furniture between these odd angles not only wastes a lot of space, it just doesn't look right. Rectangular shapes are easier to furnish and leave you with more room to move about.

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Quickly done and with as little mess as possible, I was very pleased with the results from using Dalgan. They replaced our old windows and now we have new energy efficient ones which will save on the heating bills.

Susan McNulty