Dalgan’s wide range of windows: Attractively warm, quiet and secure… and so little work

  • Double-glazed and double-draught-proofed for ultimate warmth (and quiet)
  • Window frames and special glass coatings improve INSULATION & Energy Rating
  • Up to 50% better security than BSI standards for windows, plus many security features
  • The most attractive modern or traditional windows in timber, uPVC and aluminium
  • All windows tailor-made to virtually any size
  • Dalgan windows need little or no maintenance

Welcome home to Dalgan windows

Give your home a better look with Dalgan windows in uPVC, aluminium and timber, made and fitted to our exacting standards.

Warmly insulated in so many ways

Dalgan double-glazed and double-draught-proofed sealed window units keep your home wonderfully warm and draught-free.

Window coatings save energy

All sealed units use Warm Edge technology with coated energy-saving ‘low-emissivity’ glass to reflect heat back inside your home, and save on fuel bills and improve the energy rating of your home.

Warmth and security in one window

You can also have “secure by design” sealed window units to combine the ultimate insulation with ultimate security.

The gap that’s warmer and quieter

A 20-millimetre argon gas filled gap between panes of glass in our double-glazed windows keeps more warmth in, and more noise out and again improves the energy rating.

Barriers against cold

Dalgan uPVC window frames are multi-chambered, and our aluminium window frames have thermal breaks to conserve heat. Our timber frames insulate naturally against cold.

Reduce condensation in windows

While no one can guarantee against condensation on the outside surface of your window’s inner panes, Dalgan windows reduce condensation greatly or eliminate it altogether.

Windows more secure

Our uPVC and timber casement windows are highly secure.

Top security for windows

In all our windows, we fit security features such as multi-point locking and locking handles.

Safer windows with toughened glass

Wherever you like, in any Dalgan window, ask for toughened glass which is really tough, but if it does break, it shatters only into small, relatively harmless pieces.

Safety glass as standard

We use toughened glass as standard on all our full-height window panels, porches and conservatories, and all windows within 80cm of the floor.

Windows that keep up appearances

In uPVC, aluminium and timber including hardwood, all our windows add lasting beauty, modern or traditional, to the benefits they bring.

Little or no maintenance

Our uPVC and aluminium windows rust, never need painting, and wipe clean quickly and easily. Our timber windows are treated to reduce maintenance.

Tailor-made windows to fit your home

Every window we make is tailor-made for your home to virtually any width and height you need.

So many options

You have options for your Dalgan windows such as authentic Georgian bars, leaded lights, bevelled glass and a range of matching windowboards and window furniture. Optional trickle vents let in fresh air.

Glass options in all our windows

Dalgan offer a comprehensive range of glass for windows. To keep you warmer or cooler, or to keep intruders out, we have the glass.

Windows made easy to clean

To make your window’s outside surface easy to reach and clean, you can have our easy clean hinges or tilt-turn windows.

The highest standards in windows

Dalgan possess the NSAI EN ISO 9001:2000 accreditation which shows we manufacture and install our uPVC windows to the highest standards in the industry.