This is a length of timber, which surrounds a doorframe to give a picture frame effect around a door. At Dalgan Industries we do a selection of molds in both native and foreign timbers. Choices include the following, Teak, Red Deal, Ash, Mahogany, Oak, Cedar Wood and Yellow Oak.

Bay Window

A window in three or more parts built in a U shape facing outwards.


A strip of aluminum or uPVC used to keep the glass section in place in a door or window.


This is the part of the lock where the key is inserted.

Double Glazed

A sealed unit using two panes of glass. This greatly reduces noise and increases energy efficiency.

Fan Light

A glased section over a door.

French Doors

A set of double doors opening in or out to create one large open space.


Rubber seals used to seal around glazing units.

Georgian Bar

Thin bars sealed inside double glazed unit to give a Georgian effect

Door Jamb

The vertinal outer frame of a door.

Laminated Glass

This is a type of safety glass made up of two panes of glass with a pliable resin between them. This has the effect of keeping the glass from splintering when broken.


A concrete plank used to take the weight of the wall above the window opening.


Upright pieces used to divide the window into different section.

Night Vent

A feature in uPVC windows where the sash can be locked in a semi open position for ventilation purposes.

Obscure Glass

Also known as frosted glass where light is allowed through while limiting visibility. Usually used in bathroom windows as well as front and back doors.

Patio Door

A sliding door where one or both parts slide sideways to create an opening. Often used as a windshield for a front door as well as a door leading out into a patio or the garden.

Plate Glass

Thick glass used in windows where a large section is reserved for glass such as a shop front.


The sealing of the area around where the window or door frame meets the surrounding wall.

Port Hole Window

A circular window similar to that found on a boat hence the name.


A length of metal used inside the uPVC section to improve the strength of the window.


The opening part of a window.

Side Light

A glazed section on one or both sides of a door to allow for more light.

Silicone Sealant

Used for sealing and pointing around replacement windows.

Skim Plaster

A plaster used for interior finishing.

Spacer Bar

This is a thin length of aluminum running around the edge of a double glazed unit between the two panes of glass to provide the gap between the two panes.