Exterior Energy Efficient Doors

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NEW! Composite Doors

Why not check out our new range of Composite doors. If you want the look & feel of a wooden door with no maintenance and added security please read on.

So what’s the BIG difference?

Our Composite doorsets are an exciting new development in this market with their lifelike grain, triple glazing as standard and unique raised integrated moulding. With a double rebate , double-sealed construction using PVCu, GRP(Graphite Reinforced Polyurethane), and steel, they do not rot, bow, warp, crack, swell or shrink. They are exhaustively tested independently for weatherability and exceed the General Performance Requirements for Door Assembles PAS 23 and the Enhanced Security Performance Requirements for Door Assemblies PAS24.

Exterior Composite DoorsSo should I feel safer?

Composite doorsets have a robust aluminium sub-frame and a rigid polyurethane injected core, ensuring substantial resistance to intruders. Additionally, the door systems have a special glazing system with unparalleled protection. Safety is reinforced with multi-point high security locking mechanisms and discreet unassailable hinges. The doors are manufactured to Secured by Design Standards

Excellent Choice

Our Ccomposite door range gives the homeowner the opportunity to choose a door which suits their taste and reflects their lifestyle. Please choose your door from the brochure in the link on this page.